My favourite developer tools...

My favourite developer tools...

Developers find themselves at all levels from beginner, to pro, using online tools and services to make their job easier, here's my favourites! is a tool used for clearing out unused CSS selectors and making your site run faster. I use this to optimise sites running on CSS frameworks to get rid of any unused parts of the framework and bring my CSS together!

With PurifyCSS reducing file sizes by up-to 90% per file it seriously makes a difference to server response times and makes your site run 10x faster. I definitely recommend this tool.

PurifyCSS Online - Remove unused CSS

Sticking to the trends of CSS, allows you to take minified CSS (as well as JS, HTML, XML, and JSON) and explode it back out to a human-friendly format.

with Purify returning minified code, Unminify works really well alongside it to make that code easily editable again!

Unminify JS, CSS, HTML, XML and JSON Code

There are not many developers not using… w3schools is possibly the best site to get documentation and guides to almost all of the most popular programming languages, as well as free web hosting and code snippets to help you along the way!

W3Schools Free Online Web Tutorials

Autocode is a fully equipped web-based IDE for easy, serverless, API connections. With automatic installs for npm packages when required and easily linked resources to some of the top platforms APIs like Discord and Twitter, Autocode makes it super easy to speed up your web development!

Multiplayer web development - Autocode

On a device with low storage? Or simply working on a friend’s machine without access to your usual VSC IDE? is Visual Studio Code for the web, just log in with GitHub and all your settings will sync. You can then edit any repo you have access to in your GitHub account!

Visual Studio Code for the Web

GitHub is THE perfect place for collaborative development and open source. As the most popular git-based platform GitHub makes it easy to connect with almost every developer around the world and collaborate publicly or privately alongside them with full support for pull requests, issues, code reviews and more!

GitHub: Where the world builds software · GitHub makes it super simple to generate incredible gradients in just seconds. I use anytime I need a gradient for a website for the sake of simplicity and time efficiency when constructing a new site for a client!

CSS Gradient — Generator, Maker, and Background

Simple Icons is an open-source icon library consisting of 2000+ of the world’s favourite brand logos in SVG format, perfect for web developers.

I use simple icons to create social media links in footers and more and find the platform extremely useful on a regular basis!

Simple Icons

A closing note...

These are just some of the tools I use regularly and would recommend to other developers whether you’re just starting out or whether you’ve been in the business for upwards of 10 years, wherever you are in your journey these tools will always be useful!