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Your font pairings are letting down your web design...

Matt Davison | The Code Crisis
Matt Davison | The Code Crisis
Font pairings are an extremely important part of all types of design and particularly web design - considering how much text is displayed on the average website. The issue is many web designers and developers simply don’t know the best ways to pair fonts to get the best match…

The importance of strong font pairings...
Font pairings can make or break a design. The use of a pair of fonts that are either too similar or too dissimilar can make your design look cheap or alternatively, unthoughtful.
Strong font pairings create a professional look and upgrade your brand image simply and effectively, with minimal effort.
How to find the perfect font pairing...
For developers that came into web development from interests aside from design, it can often be difficult to achieve a design that meets the general standards of design - thus often developers without a design background can regularly struggle to select the best font pairings.
Adobe have recently been upgrading their Express software massively to make design easier for non designers and designers alike; with this has come top quality content to support it.
In mid may Adobe released this blog post listing ‘10 ways to pair fonts for maximum impact’ which covers some of the best tips to make your design experience easier.
However, Adobe Express has also received an update to make choosing fonts easier! Now when you create a project within their free web-based program you can gain immediate access to the best fonts for your project by scrolling down on any selected text in the right-hand sidebar and navigating to the ‘Font Recommendations’ section. Thank me later.
What this means for non-designers...
Well for those who don’t come from a design background there’s no more stress about finding the perfect assets including fonts for your next web design project. Simply load up a mock-up design into Express and find the greatest and best-fitting font recommendations to match your style!
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Matt Davison | The Code Crisis
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